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I’m always looking for fun and creative ideas to add some pizzazz to any party. So when I came across these super simple ideas using cupcake liners, I had to share. Honestly, I never thought they could be used for more than just that….. but boy was I wrong!  Take a look at these!  What a simple way to add a little… or ALOT of extra love to your next party.

Photo via All Things Cupcake

Photos via Darling Darlene

See how you can make your very own custom garland  at One Charming Party

I’ve always been a huge fan of poms poms. I love this idea of being able to use not only custom colors, but patterns too!

See how they’re made at Sew Craft Create

And as far as where to find the liners……check out this site! {The Cupcake Social} They have every color and

every pattern you can imagine!


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So last week was a wash for posts…sorry ):  Lots going on in the Propes home in preparation for Blake’s 1st birthday party.  I will have so much to share towards the end of this week…the party was a blast!!  Stay tuned….but in the meantime here is a little peek on a DIY project I tackeld among all of the party planning and  orders I am knee deep in.

I was inspired by my blogging friend Amanda of Shindig…she made a fun advent calender and and I wanted to do the same.  I changed it up just a tad by adding fabric scraps along with the ribbon.  Ok…chicks…super easy…if you can use a pair of scissors and tie a knot…you are golden!!!  I busted out my pinking shears and went to work….I haven’t touched these babies since design school!! (;

Here are the deets:

Supplies: pinking shears, scissors, fabric scraps, ribbon, mini knitted ornaments – found at Target for $2 each, and twine

Time: 30 min

1) Cut twine to desired length 2) cut 6″ & 8″ pieces of ribbon and fabric with pinking shears and regular scissors.  3) tie your cut pieces on to the twine…I place an ornament every 4-6 pieces. 4) hang in desired location

Really…is it that simple???  YES!!!  I used the same colors that would coordinate with the rest of my holiday decor.  If I had more time, these fabulous-fresh-fun stands of fun would be all around my house!!!

Oh…I almost forgot…the advent part…the ornament that I purchased are little knitted stockings and mittens…perfect to stick a little note from santa or treat in!!  I purchased 12…to signify the “12 days of Christmas”  and… to lessen the amount of candy my kids receive in a given period of time (;  If you want to add numbers to your advent calender… you can do that too, I left mine blank.

I aslo used ribbon in colors that coordinated with the rest of my holiday decor.  So here it is!    I hope this inspires you to go and make your own version!!

p.s. This may even make an apprerance in Blake’s party!!

So fun and festive…tee-hee!!    Ok…as soon as I get pics back I will show ya’ll what I have been up to!! xoxo~rebecca

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Oh yes!!  How much fun was this?? SO FUN!!  Darling Nancy and the super talent behind A to Zebra Celebrations, asked me if I would like to be featured in her news segment the week before Thanksgiving.   Ummmm….hmmm….YES! YES! YES!  She was asked to appear on ABC15 here locally in Phoenix on the Sonroan Living Show to display hosting an ornament exchange themed party.  She wanted me to design an invitation and incorporate her favorite pattern…ZEBRA!!  So that is what I did!

Digital Invite

Printed Invite

Treat Tags

Look at these ah-mazing zebra cupcake by Sugar Dreams

Ahhh…that’s me…hard at work!!

two super cool chicks! (;

taking a break to smile for the camera

the finished table display…gorgeous!!

This was such an awesome opportunity to participate in…thanks Nancy..you’re the bect!!  Thanks to Shannon of Apple Velvet Photography for snapping some cool pics and a big thanks to the super sweet & pretty host of Sonoran Living…Stephanie Sandoval!!!

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I know there has been some chat about my holiday collections and the revel (:  but…there are still a few tweaks to be made….plus another collection or two to add to the mix.  I collaborated with two talented gal pals…Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations and Shannon of Apple Velvet Photography.  I have a feeling the three of us will be working together quite a bit!!  Anyways…here is another set that made the cut, and is available now on my Etsy Shop.  This is the Minty Fresh Holiday Collection and is being photographed today!!  Say Cheese!!

So until the other collections are actually available…here is some more “eye candy” courtesy of Apple Velvet Photography!!

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So I couldn’t wait for tomorrow and had to share today!  My friend Nancy from A to Zebra Celebrations had a girly halloween soiree for her lil’ chicks yesterday and I was so fortunate to create the printables plus a little DIY project for the event.  Wait until you see the details from her party…AMAZING!!  Hopefully we’ll get to see the photos this week.  This quick and easy project is a great addition to any party decor…in this particular one I used Twinkle Candy lolli’s , but you could easily use these for mini flower bouquets,  votive candle holders, candy, etc…

Here is what you need:

tin can (I used an empty corn can…empty quart paint cans work great too!  You can purchase them at Home Depot)

decorative paper


floral foam

paper filler


paper trimmer

hot glue gun

Extras – paper goods from my Etsy Shop (party dot & 4″ matching mini sign)

Sorry I didn’t take photos of the step by step…but they are that easy!!

Take your decorative paper and cut it to the size of your can.  Use hot glue to secure one end of the paper to the can, wrap paper around and secure the other end as well.  Next, cut ribbon to go around your can, and repeat the same steps as securing the paper to the can.  You can use as much or as little ribbon as you like.  Since these were small cans, I didn’t use much, just enough to add some fun!  Then, insert a piece of floral foam into the can, if need be, you can secure it with a little glue.  Now add you paper filler to hide the foam.  Next I cut down the sticks on the lolli’s…they were a little long, after trimming the sticks, I inserted them into the floral foam.  I only used 4 lolli’s per can…you can use as many of little as you choose.  If you use a bunch, you can make mini lolli bouquets (great for baby shower centerpieces).  Finally I embellished the front of the can with a party dot and and made a center decorative sign by using a 4″ printable, a 6″ lollipop stick and some ribbon!  Tah-dah!!  There you have it, cute and inexpensive party decor, that is fun and easy to make!!

ps…if you are not the crafty type…they will be available to customize and purchase SOON in my Etsy Shop!!


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Some of you may know that I was out of town last weekend to see my dad get married.  Oh how I LOVE weddings…in fact I love any reason to party!!  I was super stoked to see what sort of decor, party goodies there would be for the rehearsal dinner…then I chatted with my dad and found out that he had no plans for ANY decor.  Oh yeah…not a single stitch of any party love!!!  My heart totally skipped a beat…he had arranged for some good ole’ Kansas City BBQ for the catering, and knew there would at least be some red check table cloths but that was it!  I could not possibly comprehend the thought of not a single flower or anything to set the tone for that evening.  I quickly grabbed my sis-in-law and headed to Hobby Lobby with about 2 hours to spare.  Here is what we ended up with.

Some DIY flower arrangements…

Red Velvet Cake Pops…we did not have any decorative plates so I used $0.99 red handkerchiefs to dress up ordinary kitchen plates…so cute!

Monogram Party Dots by Fresh Chick Design Studio atop Red Velvet Cake Pops!  Delish!

Some last minute food tags to label the buffet…the final touch!

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Hello to all the cool chicks & dudes that take time to stop by my site, thank you!  It’s Friday…woohoo!  I am super duper happy to be sponsoring a giveaway for a very sweet momma-to-be.  She is an ultra sweet customer and fellow blogger that contacted me a few months back to create some party goods for her “baby gender reveal party“…such a great idea for a party, right?  Then, about a week ago, she contacted me to host a giveaway to celebrate her blog turning one!  Happy 1st Birthday Cherry Blossoms!  Hop on over to Heidi’s blog to get the details to enter to WIN some fun goodies!  Thanks for thinking of me Heidi, I am flattered!!  xoxo – rebecca

HERE is the link!  Good luck!

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