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Want to see what I am dreaming up for baby #3?

Keyword is “dreaming” since we don’t know what we are having yet (:

Head over to Project Nursery to see all of the details or click HERE!!

{photo via Bananafish}


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This transition has been taking place for some time now and I finally need to buckle down and get it done!!  My lil’ dude turned two in May…his name is Brandt and he is quite the cool kiddo!  We put him in a twin bed a few months before his 2nd birthday.  We hesitated to get too far along with his toddler room since we weren’t sure how the whole transition would go.  Well, to our surprise it was super easy.  So easy that I have TOTALLY slacked in moving his art above his bed and doing some minimal rearranging.  Here is a look back at his nursery before he arrived into our lives…awe…

Now that the crib is gone and the bedding was a wee bit small, I needed to get new bedding.  I opted for white sheets and this reversible quilt form target.

Since Brandt is OBSESSED with the alphabet, I made a poster print and framed it for his room.  The letters that are in RED are his initials (;

{available in my Etsy Shop!}

I haven’t decided yet if the wall detail will stay…but in the meantime, I have added some orange into the mix, just for a little fun!  The blue circle pillow is from his crib set and the orange dot pillow covers I found at Target for under $5.00!!  Woohoo!

Once the project is finished,  I will posted the completed room…I hope it will be soon!!  Have a great week!!

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