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I am a total lush for some milk and cookies…especially when it involves an oh-so-cute party!!  This is a real party that was put on by one of my amazing customers for her gorgeous daughter Berkley.  Here is the invite we came up with along with some other fabulous details from her daughter’s special day.

I am totally loving this color scheme!!

and this cake???  Ahhhhh-dorable!!!

must have been delicious too!!  So cute!

Here are some fun food tags provided by another printable designer – Frog Prince Paperie

Here are the favor tags we designed that are available in our Etsy Shop – HERE

These next two vendos are some super talented chicks…first is the shirt I am totally SWOONING over by Kenagrace on Etsy!!  Made especially for the birthday girlie inspired by our invite (:

and this bow?  Totally sa’weet!!!!  This is some serious super talent…Ellie’s Garden also on Etsy.

Now…who is ready for a snack?  LOL!!  Have a great weekend chicks!

Party photos via Jenny Ann Photography

Cake by Davis Bakery & Company


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Good morning…today we have a very special guest blogger.  This is Leah of Mya Bruce Designs….friend, neighbor, foodie, graphic girl, DIY Enthusist & jewelry designer (I hope I didn’t leave anything off)  Basically, she is awesome and I asked her if she would like to be a guest blogger today and she said YES!!  Woo-hoo!!  So in honor of my party peeps, she wanted to share some fun dips that would make you party menu legit …soooo…loosen your belt and get ready for some foodie fabulousness!!

**Make sure you read the entire post because there is a FREE recipe card download for you!! **

Here is Leah:

I sort of have an obsessive appreciation of food. Maybe I am spending my adult years racing to discover all the beauties of food after the 8 years I ate PBJ at school, just because.  I would like to offer you a simple party food makeover for the slightly daring.

The best thing I contributed at my office over the last 10 years – hands down =


I’m one of those people that would get giddy over just having loads of appetizers for dinner instead of a main course…. Sunday night dinner here is often just bruschetta, brie and loads of bread slices.
For holidays, the husband deals with the main courses, and I ALWAYS spend way too much time planning the apps & the sides. Those are the best part, right!? I mean, it’s usually the carbs anyway, soooooo….nuf said.

Back to dip day.

So I basically demanded that my office was implementing Dip day, at least once a quarter. Everyone had to bring in something dip-able, and we would just snack on it ALL day!  It was fantastic!

There of course are always the standards:

–         Ranch dip will never go wrong. Who doesn’t like ranch?!?!

–         The classic chili cheese dip is somehow always a big winner as well. You will almost always regret it later, but you will eat it like crack-dip all day until then.

–         Yes, you need some kind of veggie dip because those picky I-only-eat-salad-people will starve otherwise.

But lets move on to how to revamp this idea. Here are some great alternatives to make your party with simple snacks a little bit more gourmet.



Come ON! Even the boys will eat hoagie dip. But it’s much more girl-i-fied here by making it pretty in a bread bowl, and topping on to yummy pieces of French bread.




Brilliant I tell you. Who doesn’t like pizza? And you can make this with all your favorite toppings, but it’s way more gourmet then trying to scarf a whole slice down off that small, flimsy party plate.

A great way to upgrade those veggie dip eaters…





Even the kids will like this one:








Say WHAT?!?!?  OK I’m drooling over that.

Plus you know the kids would love it too, but it’s also fancy enough to make as a grown up dessert option.



Also for kids…



And the holy-cow-grand-finale….



Ok, seriously. This one did me in. Uh-MAZING IDEA! Secretly, we are ALL eating cookie dough right?!?!?


And guess what? THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT!!!

Dip Diva iphone app. My life just got amazingly more exciting. I almost got misty-eyed.


OK, I’m excited. And hungry. Who’s throwing the next party????

Keep it Fresh,Chicks! 🙂

Wanna see more Leah?  Find her here!!

Oh!!!  I almost forgot…what would a recipe round up be without one of the fab recipes on a FREE  download from Fresh Chick Desing Studio that I promised (:  Enjoy!!









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Hey all, It’s Shannon, the new chick of Fresh Chick Design Studio.

So….Here it is, my first design!!! My husband and I are expecting our second child in May and  I thought what better way to start, then with a baby shower invite. I might actually have to use this one because I love it so much! My inspiration came from a simple white elephant shaped frame that I came across while looking for new bedding for the baby’s nursery.



The invite is now available on our Etsy shop. Full Collection soon to follow 🙂

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Hello, hello!!  Ok…so as you all my know I am a design chick…graphics, parties and blogging all came from me needing an outlet to express my love of design and creativity…any kind of creativity…any sort of design.  With having two small kids graphics came naturally and seemed to be a great fit since I was somewhat homebound…and the parties???  I have always LOVED to plan a good party!!   This all has evolved into a look into my daily life…this is what I love and am so passionate about  but I have to admint my FIRST love is interior design and my DREAM would be to land a spot competing on HGTV’s Design Star.  A few years ago I submittted an audition tape to HGTV’s Design Star…I think it was season 2?  Well, not sure if my tape ever reached the hands of a casting director but I do know that I was not a contestant…LOL!!  Although, I was not a contestant on season 2, I am no stranger to HGTV…my start with Project Nursery came from submitting Brandt’s nursery on HGTV’s Rate my Space.  Some of my designs have even graced the front page of HGTV’s Rate my Space…most recently my holiday decor seen HERE.

A few of my gal pals from design school (my original fan club – Erlinda, Dawn & Heather) have wanted me to resubmit an audition tape.  Well, last year my “fan club” wanted me to give it another go but I was literally 9 months preggers and could not bear the thought of seeing myself on camera in that condition…yikes!  So that brings me to today…whew…season 6 is now accepting auditions!!!  The deadline to submit is January 15th…so that means 9 days to get my booty in gear and get some footage of this chick on film!!!  Wanna see some of my design work?  Click HERE and HERE…oh and HERE too!!!  So if you don’t see me for a few days…that is what I am up to (:  Wish me luck!!! xoxo~rebecca

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Happy New Year my friends!!!  I truly hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday season!!  I LOVE the holidays but I am also happy to get a move on with the new year…so…to kick off 2011 I am feelin’ a little wild.  So wild I actually went to the gym 2 days in a row!  Eeek!  Well, if that is not wild enough for you then check out this adorable party by Rylie Boo Events.

Event:  Baby Shower

Party theme:  Where the Wild Things Are

Color Scheme: grey, blue, green & a deep yellow

Printables: Rylie Boo Events

Cookies:  The Cookie Jar

So cute!  Any lil’monster would be lucky to have such a fun themed baby shower!  This theme would also make an adorable birthday party too!!  Thanks for sharing Serena!!

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Woohoo!!!  3 more sleeps until Santa comes!!!  So why not welcome jolly ole’ St. Nick with a cute little sign pointing him in the direction of the real reason he is here…to get some milk & cookies!!!  Well, this little trinket can be yours…today…for FREE!!  Just click it, print it, have your kiddos sign it, and frame it!

Now…all you need is some fresh baked goodness to accompany your cute little directional.  I am here to help…my friend Stacy at Scrumptious Swirls has compiled together some delicious cookies recipes from her fave party chicks!!  Here is Part 1 & Part 2 of her baking extravaganza…not only did she write about all of the recipes…she recreated them too!!!  Here is a pic of the recipe I sent her way…this is a great last minute holiday treat that is sure to please.  To read all about it and get the recipe, click HERE!

image via Scrumptious Swirls

So, after the shopping, wrapping and baking…it’s time to party…here is another fabulously festive idea also from Scrumptious Swirls…how about a holiday cocktail…YUM!


image via Scrumptious Swirls

Here is the link to get you FREE note to Santa…I hope your holidays are happy!! xoxo~rebecca

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I have been wanting to post this party by one of my fave customers…but with all of the of the holiday mumbo jumbo…I lost track of time.  So…before I sign off for the year, I wanted to share this too cute for words party!!  This is one fabulously fresh chick that is just loaded with creativity!  She even sent me an inspiration board that she put together!!!   Here are all of the awesome pics!!!!

the inspiration

the printable collection

To see all of the pics and read about the details click HERE!

Great job Carey!!  Thanks for sharing!! xoxo~rebecca


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