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Sorry chicks…we have been a little M-I-A lately and have been a’slackin on the posting scene.  I have had to keep my late nights to quite the minimum.  I am usually up until the wee hours of the morning but we just found out we are expecting bebe #3 and I am sooo TIRED!!!  So I am lucky if I make it past 9:30!!!  Anyways…me being preggers may be the inspiration for this post… no…actually I was chill-laxin on Facebook and saw this link for Shop Sweet Lulu via Pizzazzerie and was immediately inspired.  Not to mention I may have had a small craving for ice cream (;  How cute are these ice cream cups fully equipped with wooden spoons…weeeeee-heeee…totally LOVE!!

So how could I pass up all this cuteness?  I had to design an invite that would be the perfect way to kick off your very own ice cream par’te!!!

Hope you all had a great week!!  Fun stuff coming SOON!!!! xoxo~rebecca


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I’m always looking for fun and creative ideas to add some pizzazz to any party. So when I came across these super simple ideas using cupcake liners, I had to share. Honestly, I never thought they could be used for more than just that….. but boy was I wrong!  Take a look at these!  What a simple way to add a little… or ALOT of extra love to your next party.

Photo via All Things Cupcake

Photos via Darling Darlene

See how you can make your very own custom garland  at One Charming Party

I’ve always been a huge fan of poms poms. I love this idea of being able to use not only custom colors, but patterns too!

See how they’re made at Sew Craft Create

And as far as where to find the liners……check out this site! {The Cupcake Social} They have every color and

every pattern you can imagine!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!  It is good to be back…I have been out of town this last week hence the reason for the lack of posts.  My dad suffered a stroke so I spent my time in the ICU with him.  I am home now and so thrilled to say he is doing great!  So, today I am sending lots of LOVE to him in hopes of a speedy recovery!

Well…it is back to work for me…and in case you never peeked at my “Sweet Tweet” Collection…here it is!!  My sweet and talented friend Nancy from A to Zebra Celebrations and I collaborated on this party that would be great for Valentine’s Day or a darling baby shower.  We managed to pull this off for LESS than $100.00.

How did we do this?  Thanks for asking…here are some tips

1.  Borrow cake stands, platters, dishes, jars – ask around…between Nancy and I we had enough of these items to pull together to complete the table.

2.  Visit the Dollar Store – our local Dollar Store had some great seasonal items that could be incorporated into the party that were just the right colors.

3.  Treats – You don’t need to splurge on all of the treats…homemade it your most budget friendly option, but it is great to have one fabulous item, whether it is the cake, cookies, or cupcakes…that items(s) can take center stage.

4.  Make the party a playdate – for some of the secondary holidays…turn your party into a playdate.  Keep it small by limiting it to a few kids.  Provide the main food and drinks and have other mom bake a treat to bring and share.

5. Coupons – This is a must!!  Joann’s, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby always have coupons…strategize how to use them for that higher priced you have been eyeing up.

6.  Get crafty – try to make as much of the decor as possible by being creative with party printables

These are some super simple tips to help minimize the moola you spend all while throwing a super sweet soiree!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Chickies!!! x0x0 ~ rebecca


Party Styling:  Fresh Chick & A to Zebra

Photos: Adrian of Canyon Photography

Party Printables: Fresh Chick Design Studio

Table Runner & Backdrop: A To Zebra Celebrations

LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED sign: Our Hobby To Your Home

Girl’s Shirts: Abbie’s Creations

Valentine’s Skirts: Zyggy Tails

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Hey all, It’s Shannon, the new chick of Fresh Chick Design Studio.

So….Here it is, my first design!!! My husband and I are expecting our second child in May and  I thought what better way to start, then with a baby shower invite. I might actually have to use this one because I love it so much! My inspiration came from a simple white elephant shaped frame that I came across while looking for new bedding for the baby’s nursery.



The invite is now available on our Etsy shop. Full Collection soon to follow 🙂

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So I have this friend that is creative in a sorta way that the blows your mind…her name is Dawn…and I love her!!  She came over last night and we worked on some printables for one of her friends baby shower.  She also shared a little DIY project she did for the shower…well it was more the “idea” she shared until I talked her into getting started on it so I could snap a few pics (: Although it is not the completed project, you’ll get the idea..it’s that fabulous!!

First things first…

Tiered Cupcake Stand in White – Cost Plus World Market $14.99

Next, the stand did not match the shower decor so Dawn used a high gloss spray paint to change the color from white to black…oooo….ahhhh!!! (***I would not recommend placing food directly on painted surface***)

Here is the best part…THE BLING!!!  (audiance sound – OOOOOOOO….AHHHHH!!!)

You can continue to add bling on the rest of the stand to make it oh-so-fabulous…but at least this gets you started!!


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A little treat to start your week…just because I love you AND because Valentine’s Day is almost here!!  So, here is a FREEBIE for you!!

12×8 art print

and some print & cut Valentine’s Day cards

Want more?  These prints are available in my Etsy Shop…sold as a set of 2 8×10 digital prints for $15.00 $10.00 for a limited time…woohoo!!!

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Ok…so I have so much to share from my trip to NYC for the Dreamers into Doers Event but I need to start somewhere….here we go…you ready??

Where we stayed

Doubletree Chelsea – so awesome (they give you warm chocolate chip cookies when you check-in)…the rooms were a bit small…oh about 120 sqft???  but we managed…heck…we had the time of our lives!!!

Who I roomed with

Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations

Jill of Modern Cupcake

Andrea of Dolce Drive

Day 1 – Evening

Me, Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations and Jill of Modern Cupcake flew in and headed out into the city…

It was cold but we we all bundled up, nice and snug!  We really didn’t have a plan, we just knew we were HUNGRY!  So in a city known for sheer deliciousness we set out to find some grub (;

that’s me…the TALL one in the middle…LOL!!

After walking in a few circles, getting into a cab and sitting on some chewed up pizza..blah…we ended up here!!

Restaurant – The Cafeteria

How was it? – Delish!!

What we ate – Macaroni & Cheese Spring Rolls, Calamari, Cobb Salad & a Turkey Burger

Ahhhh…YUM!!!  So, with full bellies…we headed back to the hotel for some much needed R&R.  There we met with the cool chicks of The Tomkat Studio where we gathered in our room for a night that resembled a cheer camp slumber party!  Go…….TEAM!!!  Such a good time!!

Ok, on that note I am signing off for today (since it’s Saturday) and I will be back with more to share later!

Peace out chickies! xoxo~rebecca


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