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Well…some of you may have missed the announcement on Facebook, we found out last week we are expecting our 3rd BOY into our family!!  We were kinda pulling for a girl, but…we are thrilled to expand our little boys club at the Propes home.  So, with this also comes some design projects and rearranging to take place.  We live in a 4 bedroom home with the 4th bedroom being utilized as our playroom which means that two of  the kiddos will have to bunk up.  The obvious choice was to pair up the two older lil’ dudes and give the baby his own space…and so the transformation begins.  

My designs always start with some sort of inspiration, in this case I was drawn to some adorable Ralph Lauren polka dot sheets at Homegoods.  They are white with a blueberry colored dot, that I paired with some granny smith apple green pillow shams.

The sheets are queen sized and are too big for a twin bed, so I will take on a little DIY project, cut them down and transform them into duvet covers.  Ok, so now I have the colors, now what????  Well I stumbled across an adorable art print from Pottery Barn Kids that had a vintage surf feel.

Seeing that we just returned from the beach, it seemed quite appropriate.  Brandt, our 3 year old, LOVED the beach and seeing surf boards…so that is where the theme started to evolve.  I also thought this would be a great theme to grow with them for quite some time.  Well…here it is…the beginning process of design.  We’ll see where it goes from here??  

1. Custom wall paint detail 2. Surf Wall Art – Pottery Barn Kids 3. Oilo Pendant Light – Layla Grace 4. California Wall Plaque – Pottery Barn Teen 5. Leaf Bed Canopy – Ikea 6. Wall Letters – Etsy 7. Malm Bed – Ikea 8. Striped Rugby Rug – Pottery Barn Kids 9. Bedding – Homegoods 10. Play table & stool – Ikea

More “NEW” beginnings coming SOON!!  We have been working hard on our **NEW** blog design for a while now and we are so excited to share it with you!!  Stay tuned…we should be rolling it out within the week if all goes as planned (; 


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How about a little fireplace for your Friday?  Now, we will not be turning it on since we have reached the 90 degree mark in Phoenix, but here it is…all dressed up in her spring decor (;  Oh, yes…of course I had some other plans but I tuckered out pretty quickly and this is what I was left with.  You get the idea, a little Target…a little Homegoods and I’m done!!  Hope you all have  a great weekend!!  xoxo~rebecca

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!  It is good to be back…I have been out of town this last week hence the reason for the lack of posts.  My dad suffered a stroke so I spent my time in the ICU with him.  I am home now and so thrilled to say he is doing great!  So, today I am sending lots of LOVE to him in hopes of a speedy recovery!

Well…it is back to work for me…and in case you never peeked at my “Sweet Tweet” Collection…here it is!!  My sweet and talented friend Nancy from A to Zebra Celebrations and I collaborated on this party that would be great for Valentine’s Day or a darling baby shower.  We managed to pull this off for LESS than $100.00.

How did we do this?  Thanks for asking…here are some tips

1.  Borrow cake stands, platters, dishes, jars – ask around…between Nancy and I we had enough of these items to pull together to complete the table.

2.  Visit the Dollar Store – our local Dollar Store had some great seasonal items that could be incorporated into the party that were just the right colors.

3.  Treats – You don’t need to splurge on all of the treats…homemade it your most budget friendly option, but it is great to have one fabulous item, whether it is the cake, cookies, or cupcakes…that items(s) can take center stage.

4.  Make the party a playdate – for some of the secondary holidays…turn your party into a playdate.  Keep it small by limiting it to a few kids.  Provide the main food and drinks and have other mom bake a treat to bring and share.

5. Coupons – This is a must!!  Joann’s, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby always have coupons…strategize how to use them for that higher priced you have been eyeing up.

6.  Get crafty – try to make as much of the decor as possible by being creative with party printables

These are some super simple tips to help minimize the moola you spend all while throwing a super sweet soiree!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Chickies!!! x0x0 ~ rebecca


Party Styling:  Fresh Chick & A to Zebra

Photos: Adrian of Canyon Photography

Party Printables: Fresh Chick Design Studio

Table Runner & Backdrop: A To Zebra Celebrations

LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED sign: Our Hobby To Your Home

Girl’s Shirts: Abbie’s Creations

Valentine’s Skirts: Zyggy Tails

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A little treat to start your week…just because I love you AND because Valentine’s Day is almost here!!  So, here is a FREEBIE for you!!

12×8 art print

and some print & cut Valentine’s Day cards

Want more?  These prints are available in my Etsy Shop…sold as a set of 2 8×10 digital prints for $15.00 $10.00 for a limited time…woohoo!!!

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Valentine’s Day is coming fast!!  So in efforts to get a collection up and ready…me and my chicky friend Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations rounded up Adrian of Canyon Photography to click some pics.  Nancy also was in touch with a few other fabulous vendors to make this shoot complete (I will share in the full post).  This was very last minute at least on my end…heehee!!!!  I literally was designing the printables “the morning of”  yikes!  BUT….I have to say…I love this collection, I am calling it the “Sweet Tweet Collection”   I think you will love it too!!

So…these are a few pics from my camera…not so fab….but you’ll get the idea (:  The very last pic IS a professional picture from Adrian.  Trust me…you’ll be able to tell.  So, until the full post…xoxo~rebecca

Here is a REAL pic!!! (; weeeee!!


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Well, I can’t promise that this is the final post of 2010 but that is my intent.  I wanted to end the year with a fun post near and dear to me…my little dude’s 1st bithday party.  I can’t believe how fast and slow this year has gone by.  All I can say is that 2010 was….hmmm…a test?  For those that are close to me know that Blake, although as cute as a button, was a bit of a challenge.  I can say now that we are past the all-day-screaming-for 8 months-straight period of time and on to much happier times…see?

Plus, in addition to trying to soothe a screaming baby, and take care of a 2 yr old, I left my full-time job and started my blog and Etsy Shop!!  So while all of this insanity was going on behind the scenes…all of  you were able to expreience my outlet…my blog was an outlet…for me to focus on my sanity creativity and share ideas and inspire people!  So?  What does 2011 bring?  Not too sure yet…I am the chick without a plan…just sort of flyin’ by the seat of my pants and seeing which direction the wind blows.

Well, some of you may have already seen some of the photos of his party floating around facebook or perhaps you saw the awesome post on Hostess with the Mostess!!  Yes…HWTM!!  For sure one of my highlights of 2010!!!  Here are all of the details along with some party decor that didn’t make the cut…enjoy!

The dessert table…the jumping off point for this table were the birthday posters that I created.  Next came the paper trees and lollipop bouquets.

Since there was not enough room on the dessert table, why not create a second table?  So here is it…the candy buffet loaded up with all sorts of sweet treats!

Ahhh…the cake!  This was a last minute game time decision…I had plans to make a cake but then reality set in!!   I had enough to do, plus the honey-do list for my husband quickly became exstinct due to the fact he had surgery on his arm the day before the party…so off to Target I went to order a cake.  Problem is I couldn’t just “order a cake”  there were some special instructions for the super sweet bakery lady.   Afterall…I had a vision…I know scary right?  They offer a typical 8” round double layer cake…I asked for them to add a third layer, add fudge between the layers, ice with smooth buttercream, add polkadots in red with a red beaded border.  I would take care of embellishing the rest.    The cake decorating was totally unplanned, it was last minute so I decorated it with a few items I had for the party…some large swirly lollipops from Target and some super cute cookies to match the theme sent to me by The Cookie Jar.

Oh..and the yummy red velvet cupcakes???  Can you say…beyond fabulous deliciousness??  These delectable little treats were made by my sweet and talented friend Jill of Modern Cupcake!!   Jill…these were perfect…thank you!!

Can you believe these cookies???  Sweet perfection!!  Another wonderful friend and super talented chick…Lisa of The Cookie Jar really went above and beyond…thanks Lisa (;

Now what’s a party without some fab fondant cupcake toppers by Charynn of Two Sugar Babies??

favor tags

food tags

party dots

paper trees

lollipop bouquets

Talk about the most perfect pinata??  My dear sweet friend Nancy of Ato Zebra Celebrations had this custom made for Blake!!  Muchas Gracis Nancy!!

these paper candies didn’t make the cut…it was a combo of running out of time and no place to really put them ):

This also didn’t make the cut…a birthday bunting for Blake’s highchair…I totally forgot about it…ooops!

the morning after…he LOVED playing with the balloons that I also forgot about!!  Double ooops!

Overall the party turned out fantastic!!  Lots of work, but worth every ounce of time and effort!!  Thanks a million to Shannon & Nancy for coming over the night before and helping me to stay on track… and last but not least a monster thanks to my friends…Jackie of Jackie Lindfors Photography and Eric of Apple Velvet Photography for all of the amazing photos!!

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Woohoo!!!  3 more sleeps until Santa comes!!!  So why not welcome jolly ole’ St. Nick with a cute little sign pointing him in the direction of the real reason he is here…to get some milk & cookies!!!  Well, this little trinket can be yours…today…for FREE!!  Just click it, print it, have your kiddos sign it, and frame it!

Now…all you need is some fresh baked goodness to accompany your cute little directional.  I am here to help…my friend Stacy at Scrumptious Swirls has compiled together some delicious cookies recipes from her fave party chicks!!  Here is Part 1 & Part 2 of her baking extravaganza…not only did she write about all of the recipes…she recreated them too!!!  Here is a pic of the recipe I sent her way…this is a great last minute holiday treat that is sure to please.  To read all about it and get the recipe, click HERE!

image via Scrumptious Swirls

So, after the shopping, wrapping and baking…it’s time to party…here is another fabulously festive idea also from Scrumptious Swirls…how about a holiday cocktail…YUM!


image via Scrumptious Swirls

Here is the link to get you FREE note to Santa…I hope your holidays are happy!! xoxo~rebecca

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